Thursday, April 9, 2009


"Telling stories, exploring thoughts and preserving memories is the heart of scrapbooking. Sometimes a photo can simply be a complementary accessory to a beautiful layout. To focus on the writing, it is often helpful to have a prompt. Journaling prompts are a lot like challenges - they get your mental juices flowing and help stretch your creativity." - Jennifer W., creator of

Ahhhh...the [dreaded] topic of journaling. I keep telling myself my primary purpose for starting this blog a few years back was to create a journal, of sorts, for our family. But when it comes down to it, I feel I lack the creativity to write about something other than the standard "this is what we did today." Life is a journey, one that I would like for my daughters to be able to look back on and enjoy. After reading Jennifer's post (quoted above) I realized that I shouldn't look at journaling as a chore, as another annoying task to complete, but rather I should embrace the art of it and enjoy documenting our lives. So, my newest resolution is to really, REALLY try and start journaling about us...and enjoy it. Since I often experience writer's block, I think the following websites (recommended by Jennifer) will be able to help provide fun and creative journaling prompts:

mindbump - serves up fresh prompts with the click of the refresh button
CanTeach journal topics - great questions for focusing on the everyday
Journal Prompt Library - offering a prompt for each day of the year
Journaling Prompts - 365 prompts, each day a surprise
Daily Prompt Generator - 529 random prompts to spark your writing
Daily Writing Prompts - a daily piece of trivia and related prompt
Imagination Prompt Generator - one-by-one creativity prompts

So, here's to turning a new page on my approach to journaling....wish me luck!! Oh, if you're looking for an absolutely adorable digiscrap freebie, stop by SimpleScrapper today for some more journaling tips and a mini-kit by Audrey Neal, designer of be Audacious Designs. Aud has quickly become a favorite designer of mine...there is just something fresh and unique about her designs that I totally love [image below is linked to Audrey's blog].


  1. so glad you are going to start focusing on your journaling -- it's really something that just develops with practice, plain and simple, I think. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

    And thanks for your sweet words and link to my blog -- I'm glad you enjoyed the freebie and hope you'll be entering the contest at Simple Scrapper!

  2. I read the quote and then thought "wow, I wrote that?" - thanks for linking to Simple Scrapper!