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Friday, August 7, 2009

Pics and Stuff...

As promised, here are the photos from our trip up to Utah....they start out at the Pioneer Day parade in downtown SLC, followed by a few from the fireworks show that night. Then there are some pics from the Draper Temple, which is where my brother and new sister-in-law Karen got married. Ben looked so handsome, Karen looked gorgeous...and they were both so totally and completely happy. It was a very special day for everyone. The girls loved being at the "castle" and seeing all the princesses in their beautiful dresses (there were a few other weddings while we were there). There are a lot of pictures I wish I had gotten, but chasing after the girls seemed to take up most of my time.

There are also some pics from our [attempted] hike with my sister Cynthia and her family - I say [attempted] because the girls and I only made it up one set of switchbacks before we had to turn back around because both girls needed to go to the bathroom. We sat in the back of our car for a while waiting for AK's pants to dry (we didn't quite make it down in time and she refused to go in the woods), then we attempted the trail a second time...only to meet the rest of our group at about the same point as before on their way down. For our first attempt at hiking, it wasn't too bad...maybe we'll have better luck next time. We also went to the Hogle Zoo with my friend Heidi, Heidi's sister (Niki), and Niki's kids. Roo made instant friends with Taylor and the girls had a blast. Then, the next day the girls and I met my friend Mandy for lunch and an afternoon at Wheeler Farm - the girls loved every minute of it, especially getting to feed the ducks and petting the cow.

It was a really busy trip, but we had a blast and would do it all again in a heartbeat. I'll be back in Utah next month for Heidi's wedding, and it looks like the girls will be going with me as well, so I'm sure we'll have plenty more pics to share after that trip as well. Anyway, enough of my is the slideshow of pics!

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