Friday, October 9, 2009

Moving to the O.C.

Yup...that's right folks. We are finally moving back to California. We found out about a week ago that Doug got the transfer we've been hoping for. He'll be working back at the Costa Mesa campus, and rather than dealing with the commute from Oceanside to Orange County, we decided we will try to live up in the "O.C." for a while. Doug actually leaves on Monday, but the girls and I won't be leaving AZ until November 8th. We are then going to stay with my parents in Upland for a few weeks so we can take our time looking at the area and figuring out a good place to live.

Now that the move is official, I will admit that I am a little sad about leaving Arizona. While the summers here are miserable, we will be leaving during my favorite time of year. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I absolutely LOVE fall in Arizona. It has been absolutely wonderful spending the past 2+ years with Doug's siblings, and it is really going to be hard not having them a stone's throw away. I am going to miss our late night movie nights, family dinners, spur-of-the-moment crafts, meeting up for lunch at McD's, and wandering aimlessly around Target, or the mall, or wherever else we decide to go. The girls are going to have a hard time not being so close to their Hoopes' cousins...but the good news is that our move will give them a chance to develop relationships with some Leach cousins and our California friends. This move is a great opportunity work-wise for Doug. As sad as it will be to leave the family and friends we have in Arizona, we both feel that many new and exciting doors will be opened up for our little family. may not see or hear much of me during the next few weeks. I have a lot of packing, cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing to do in order to get us set for the move. Not that I've been writing much anyway (sorry about that), but I figured I would give you all a head's up on our upcoming move!!

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  1. I'm sad you guys are moving but it will be a good thing for you little family. I wish we got to do all those fun things with you guys too. Being far away doesn't make it easy. we will definetly be coming more to cali to come visit. I love costa mesa and love all the sites there so we will have to come see ya. let me know if i can come out to help pack or take the girls or anything. love ya