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Friday, October 9, 2009

Silly Is, As Silly Does...

While I know that's not quite how the old saying goes, it certainly applies to how things go in our home. Lately, it seems as if the girls personalities have gone from silly to sillier...a trait they inherited from their father, no doubt. They are each other's biggest fan...and they feed off of each other's laughter until I can't help but join in as well. I love this about them...the fact that they don't take life too seriously (like their mama usually tends to do) and that they just LOVE to have fun and be silly. Maybe one day, I'll grown up to be like them...

Anyway, here are some random pics from their most recent bout of silliness, which included tutus, running shoes, and hobo hats...
My camera battery was dying as I tried to snap these...most of the photos came out blurry and pixelated, but I love the raw expressions that I was able to capture...especially this next photo.
And, since we're on the topic of silliness, a couple of months ago AK came running into the kitchen yelling "Look mama...LOOK! I'm a witch doctor." Just to clarify - we haven't taken up witchcraft or African Folklore or anything...the girls had just been watching Madagascar2 while I was putting dinner together. Roo couldn't let her sister get all the laughs, so she joined in as well. Apparently, all you need to be a witch doctor are some blankets (for the loin cloth), a play stethoscope, and a crayon (for the traditional bone nose-piercing)...not too mention, a whole lot of imagination!
And, seriously...who doesn't love to hula?

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