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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our Week In Review...

Last Saturday, I got to see my adorable nephew Hunter...isn't he the sweetest? I also got to visit with my sisters Shauna (proud mom of the handsome tyke) and Valerie (down visiting from Utah). My parents drove down later that day so it was a fun time with part of the Leach fam. While I was hanging out in San Diego, Doug and the girls were in Fallbrook...hanging out and enjoying every minute with their Farrow cousins who were visiting from AZ. I got to see everyone that night during the UFC much as I love being in CA, being with them made me realize just how much I miss seeing them everyday. I really developed such a special bond with Doug's siblings and their families while we lived in the hotlands and I have to say that moving away from them was the hardest part of leaving AZ.
Boxhead #1 and Boxhead #2...there was major traffic on our trek down south, so this is how the girls handled the insanity of a 3 hour drive that should have only taken an hour or so. You gotta love them!!

One of our favorite parks to go to is at the elementary school down on Balboa....the school building itself is pretty old and it has some very cool architecture. I wanted to get some fun pictures of the girls, but they weren't exactly cooperative...they just wanted to get to the playground. 
Friday after work, Doug wanted to surf and I wanted to we put the girls and the stroller in the cars, headed to the beach, and planned to do both. We got to the beach only to discover the water was PACKED with surfers preparing for a contest on Saturday. Doug still went in the water and the girls thought it was pretty cool to see the jumps and tricks some of the surfers were performing. I was content to let them play in the sand for a bit before forcing them to sit in the stroller while I jogged. Obviously, the don't need swimsuits or sand toys to have a great time at the beach...they really are turning into total little beach bums!!

I decided playtime was over when Roo got a little too crazy with the sand...she came running to me with her face completely covered. I couldn't help but laugh...and snap a picture...because this is just so, totally Roo. 

I've been getting a lot of these looks from Aiden recently...this one at lunch on Friday because I asked her to eat her chicken while watching Phineas and Ferb on the big screen at McD's. How dare I, right?! Such a sassy little girl.

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