Friday, August 20, 2010

Catching Up...Cheer-nastics Camp

I know I promised this weeks ago, but I'm finally getting around to posting the video and some photos from performance day of the cheer/gymnastics camp the girls participated in this month. As you're watching the video, Aiden is the one with gray leggings under her shorts and socks on, Reilly just has the shorts with no socks. The girls loved camp and had a blast, but their skills retention wasn't that great for the cheerleading part...that's alright though, because it was still really fun to watch my cute little girls...

( I haven't been able to get the video to upload to blogger....or YouTube....anyone have some video uploading tips? suggestions? help?!)
The girls especially loved the gymnastics part of the week...they loved getting to do all the forward rolls and straddle rolls they wanted. Here are some of the video clips of that part of the show, as well as cute one of the girls dancing on the sidelines after finishing their turn...

(See above will be posted after I figure out why it's not working...)

In addition to Papa, Granma and Granpa H. and silly cousin Connor came up to watch the show. The girls were SOOO excited to have an audience to perform for, and were much too busy to sit still for photos. Even so, here are a few I was able to get throughout the day.

Aiden (Left Photo) - not wanting to get her picture taken pre-show    
Reilly (Right Photo) - kinda, sorta, not really cooperating but still letting me take a picture...I'll take what I can get from these two.
(Left Photo)The girls and "silly Connor"...did I mention how excited they were by his surprise visit?    
(Right Photo) Probably one of the few times all week when the girls were sitting still after being asked...small miracles, folks...I live through small miracles!! 

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  1. start 'em young :)
    you know where this is going to lead?
    your girls are going to be songleaders in no time!