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Friday, August 20, 2010

Catching Up...County Fair

The girls and I were able to hang out at the County Fair before it closed for the season, thanks to our wonderful neighbor who had an extra ticket (the girls were free). I didn't realize it was $1 dollar rides the day we went, or else I would have gotten us there earlier...that being said, Aiden and Reilly seemed to have an absolute blast!!


They loved visiting the animals, especially the baby chickadees and the baby piglets. As for the rides, they enjoyed every single one that we were able to try out - 2 fun houses, some bouncy cars, a mini coaster, the mega slide, and (of course) the ferris wheel. That's right folks...I took one for the team, put my fear of heights aside, and went on the ferris wheel. I had a minor panic/anxiety attack after being stuck at the very top for close to 10 minutes (it probably was less than that, but it seemed like hours)...but the girls noticed I was getting scared and they started to get a little scared (especially Aiden) so I had to quickly pull myself together and enjoy the rest of the ride. We also walked through the "fun zone" and took a look at some of the exhibits...I didn't buy anything, though, because I refuse to pay ridiculously inflated fair prices. On our way out we passed by some street group in particular was really, REALLY cool - a drum trio who used water jugs, sauce pans, and a plastic plate fastened to a bar stool. They were very talented and extremely entertaining...a great way to end the evening. Oh...and we also picked up a bag of kettle corn for papa...I should have splurged for the large bag, though, because the small one was consumed entirely too quickly!

Anyway, enough of my's a slide of the photos from our afternoon/evening at the fair!!

And while I have the fair on the mind, I want to share a new scrapbooking kit that is absolutely FABULOUS...and it will be perfect to scrap all my photos from this excursion. Two wonderful designers - Jennifer Barrette and Sahlin Studio - collaborated to create the amazing Vintage Carnival digital kit. It's available NOW at ScrapMatters. Have a looksie...then stop by the shop to pick it up!!

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