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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daddy Daughter Doo-Wop...

Tonight was a very special night for Aiden and Reilly. They got to take their dad to a 50's theme Doo-Wop dance. No mom. No baby sister. Just Dad, Reilly, and Aiden.

The girls got to dress up in poodle skirts and jangle bracelets and scarves, complete with 50's-ish hairstyles and makeup. They loved it...and looked absolutey adorable.

At the event, they took photos with their PopPop. They decorated frames for their special photos. They ate some dinner. Learned some cool dance moves. Blew LOTS of bubble gum bubbles. AND, they had a totally awesome time.

Here are some action shots from the dance (thanks Tracy!)...sure looks like they had a lot of fun!!

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