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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Month O' Love...

I cannot say how excited I am that it's finally February. I the month of love. I mean, can you not help but enjoy pinks and reds, hearts, hugs & kisses?! As a kid, I loved February because it meant we got daily visits from cupid (a.k.a. my mom) who would leave little treats/notes/surprises on our beds while we were at school. I have tried a few different variations of this with the girls, but I think this year I am going to simply do it old school - just like my mom did. I have a few ideas in mind (I'll blog about those later), but for right now I wanted to share some festive decorations ideas from my never-ending project to-do list...just to help get you in the mood for the month o' love...
So much inspiration from Paper little time. Just visit the site for some lovely ideas...

Not sure what I love most about this mantle...the teal backdrop, the yarn LOVE letters, the fun pink mirror, or the love letter garland across the top?! 

I love the different uses of pedestals/candlesticks. Definitely thinking of stopping by Goodwill this weekend.

Burlap. Stripes. Buttons...what's not to love?!

Such a cute simple. So adorable. I just might have to make a few of these...

Although I am planning to make Valentine's for the girls (don't worry, I'll share them here if I do), I couldn't help but share these adorable FREE printables...grab them HERE

Burlap + rosettes + wreath = WinWinWin situation

Heart many different variations to this, but all of them are so, SO cute.

Delicious and cute...a perfect combination

And that's all for now! I would love to see what ideas/projects/inspiration are making your heart flutter this Valentine's season, so please feel free to share!!

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