Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good Eats & Fun Times in the Kitchen

Earlier this week, in the rare moment of needing to do something domestic, I decided it would be fun if the girls and I made some chocolate chip cookies together. We had a blast, and the cookies turned out great (thank you Nestle Tollhouse for a recipe that even I can't screw up). I took some pictures so you all could join in our baking fun. (AK is in the green apron, Roo is in the teal one...getting to wear my aprons seems to be the funnest part of baking for them)

Also, I'm including some silly pictures of the girls wrestling from a few weeks ago...yes, AK accessorised herself...socks, ninja headband, and all. And, for the record, those clothes on the floor had, at one point, been folded...that was until Hurricane A&R came along, throwing everything onto the floor so they could jump off the chair and have a soft landing pad.

1 comment:

  1. Those pictures are adorable...just make sure the girls don't evolve into doing cartwheels into each other or throwing each other up against the wall or punching each other in the stomach...I don't know where they would get those tendencies from....but really, they are adorable!