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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pics and Ramblings...

Here are some pics from a [scorching hot] afternoon at the Mesa Temple with the girls (this was about 3 weeks ago). AK and Roo absolutely love walking around the temple grounds, looking at all the beautiful flowers and such. We happened to see a young couple taking some wedding photos; the girls loved seeing the "princess in her beautiful dress" with her "prince"...and they couldn't stop talking about finding their prince someday. Oh my goodness...I am soooo not ready for them to be talking about boys.

And, after a surprisingly short search for the memory-card-converter-stick-thingee, I was able to download the remaining pics from our recent trip to California. I didn't take that many pictures this time, on account of having a LOT of homework to complete, and I'm sad that I missed out on some of the things from the trip. For instance, Roo [LOVED] riding the quad - AK won't go near it. But AK had no problems getting on Miles and riding on him with Whopper - Roo just wasn't interested in riding him this trip. And I would have loved to get some family pics while we were down there...but I suppose that will have to wait for another trip (of which, there will be many more this summer).

Regrets aside, here are a few of the remaining pics I took of an afternoon at the beach. We stepped outside our comfort zone of Oceanside and went to a new beach this time....Crystal Cove down in Pacific Beach. It was very different from what we are used to (lots of seaweed, stairs, and the bathrooms weren't very close to our spot), but it had the key ingredients to a wonderful afternoon (sun, sand, surf...and great company) and we ended up having a blast. AK could not wait to get into the water...even though it was pretty cold, she was not deterred in the least. Roo, on the other hand, was quite content just playing in the sand. Both girls loved that we got to have a "pic-mic" on the beach....they thought that was the greatest things since sippy cups!!
Lastly, here are some random pics from the past few weeks...little snapshots into our goofy, silly, and mischievous side of life.
Roo strutting her stuff...................and.................. AK getting a close up

Giggling girls in mama's bed..............and.....................Squirrel hunting

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