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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thanks for the Free Meal Oprah...

Doug sent this to me in an email earlier. Apparently, Oprah has decided to buy the nation free lunch/dinner!! Just go to the link below to print out your coupon for a free meal. The coupon has to be printed today by 11:59pm CDT, but you have until May 19, 2009 to redeem it.

For a FREE meal, click here:

Thanks Oprah!! That's one less meal I'll have to think about cooking this week.

....AND, while we are on the subject of lunch, I am curious what some easy/creative/healthy meals are that you moms create for your little ones? Lunch seems to be the most difficult meal for our little family...the girls don't like sandwiches and I can only have so many days of chicken nuggets or mac n' cheese before I start to feel guilty about not providing healthier food. So - this is where I'm hoping to get some lunch recipes or food ideas for my two little gals....who are currently enjoying pink frosted sugar cookies (you gotta love Lofthouse) after eating a lunch of...Frosted Mini-Wheats, grapefruit, and raisins....yup, I'm sensing a sugar high coming on. Fabulous.
Roo AK


  1. oh man! I am in the same boat! Hot dogs, mac and cheese and nuggets are about the extent of Kennedy's diet too. She also likes raviolis, and spaghetti but those are kind of messy. Fruit salad is always yummy if you fel like making it. Lunch is a toughie!

  2. Up until about 6 months ago, all Finley ate were corn dogs, hot dogs, and cereal. But he's getting better as he watches Berlin try & eat almost anything (even fish!!!). His new fave are turkey sandwiches with moon cheese (provolone). Hang in there. They'll try new things when they are ready. We love you guys!