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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recent Scrap Pages...

Even though the past few weeks were busy with traveling and visiting family and such, I have still managed to get some scrapbooking done. I started a math class yesterday, which will take up a LOT of my time for the next 5 weeks, so I wanted to get some pages done before I became entirely consumed with school.

These were created for my Pixie Perfect Designs CT...
P.S. Shauna - I hope it's okay I used pictures with "K" in was hard using a boy kit when I don't have any boys to scrap. I tried to use ones that didn't show his full face, but if you would prefer I don't post this one, just let me know and I will pull it. Sorry - I meant to email you about this.
The following were created for my Julie Marie Designs CT...
P.S. This kit was created by Julie for the "So You Think You Can Design" contest at It's a beautiful kit, and even better, the kit is free since it's a contest submission. Just click on the kit title (above) to download this amazing will have to register and be logged in, but it's totally worth it!! While you're there, leave her some love!!
And these were created for various challenges, contests, or just because...
Using [March Grab Grab] from ScrapMatters (although this particular grab bag is no longer available, there are some new ones that are just as amazing...just click on the title link and you'll be directed to the SM shoppe)
Using [A Little Tattered] and wordart from [Unscripted]
Thanks for looking at my pages!! All of the kit titles above are linked to the specific designer shoppe from which they are available. Some of them are freebies [Yippeee!!], you'll just have to register on that website before you can download the item.


  1. cute stuff! I love the new pics of the family. they are great. miss you guys

  2. Oh my gosh...I think that I just need to pay you to design a scrapbook for both of my boys. I have a feeling it would be easier than me taking the time to actually learn all of the digital scrapbooking stuff. Oh yeah...and it's totally ok to use the pics of Keegan. Use as many as you need when you get boy stuff. I don't mind at all. I can even send you more if you need them! :)