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Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Miss Aiden...

Aiden has always been a sensitive little gal...and that sensitivity is just one of the many things I love about her. She always seems so in-tuned with people's emotions and moods...if you're having a rough day, she can tell and she'll just come over and give you a hug or a kiss to make it better. If she hears someone cry when we are out and about (at the store, the park, wherever), Aiden instantly becomes concerned and wants to know what happened. She is very protective of Reilly and always knows what to do if Reilly is feeling a little down. Already, Aiden is proving to be a fabulous big sister to this little baby who will be joining our family...she loves to snuggle up next me and lay her hand on my belly, just so she can feel the baby kick. Every night, she gives my belly a hug and a kiss and says good-night, and she always mentions the baby in her prayers. I am so very lucky to be the mama of this sweet and sensitive gal...I love her so very much.

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