Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Shirt, No Shoes...No Service

But, apparently pants are optional!

While potty-training the girls, I allowed them to play around the house in the just their panties. I had read and heard that this made it easier for them to get used to going potty, but I mainly allowed it to reduce the amount of laundry I had to wash on account of the initial potty accidents. Well, I am now rethinking this method as the girls continue to want to walk around the house in just their underpants. They have no problem putting on shirts or shoes, apparently, it's just pants they no longer wish to wear.
Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest...I still haven't gotten the hang of our new camera - I'm finding it very difficult to get a clear shot of my squirmy little monsters. And please disregard that pile of blankets in the background...we made tents this morning, which turned into magic carpets, which then turned into beds for their stuffed animals. Fun, fun!!

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