Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Do You Do...

When your 3 year-old has the attitude of a teenager? Seriously, she does...I'm not exaggerating. We were in Wal-mart this afternoon and AK decided she needed to use the potty. Simple enough, right? Wrong. AK decided she did not want me to be in the bathroom with her...never mind the fact that I was over by the doorway and where near her stall. That apparently wasn't far enough away from her, which was reason enough (in her mind) to throw a ridiculous tantrum - the likes of which I have never seen before from a 3 1/2 year old. There were at least 3 ladies who came in and then left the bathroom at some point during AK's tantrum, one of them commenting that now is the time to start disciplining my children. Really? You think? Just how much disciplining does she think I can do to a child who has locked herself into a bathroom stall?! It took all of my energy and will to stand there trying to calm AK down without breaking down and crying myself.

Honestly, I have not yet fully adjusted to the whole toddler stage...I am NOT yet ready to deal with the angst of adolescence.

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