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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I mentioned in the previous post that A&R were pretty antsy after being cooped up due to the rain. This happened later the same evening (Thursday night) when I was otherwise distracted while talking on the phone with my mom (and Doug was at the Stake Center). I really try to make sure that no markers or pens are left anywhere within the girls reach, but apparently a blue Sharpie eluded me. Needless to say, the girls found it and decided to express themselves artistically....on each other, the counter, the floor, the wall, the dishwasher, the trashcan...even Teddy and Cheetah were included in the temporary tatooing. (I will post more pictures once I get them uploaded from phone...)

Let's just say I was EXTREMELY grateful for the miracles of nail polish remover, Spray n' Wash, body soap (lots of it), and the Aristocats bath mits that arrived from Grandma Hoopes earlier that day.


  1. That is funny!. We know all about that....Kiss those girls from us. we wish you were closer.

  2. So adorable! Though I am sure you were upset (I would be too) - we here are giggling. Even covered in sharpie pen, they are the cutest twins I know!

    PS - Mr. Clean magic eraser will take sharpie off any hard surface.