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Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun, Fun Weekend

Just popping in to share some photos from our fun-filled weekend. We had friends come into town for a family surprise, but were lucky enough to have them stay with us...which meant a weekend filled with fun, good food, and lots of time at the beach.
Jack and the girls playing in the front yard...Aiden and Reilly had an absolute blast playing "big sisters"this weekend.
The girls beings girls, and Jack looking like he's ready to get off the crazy train. lol. Roo - my daring little girl getting her skate on "just like papa"
The girls...digging for sea shells and sand crabs.
Not sure why, but the beach was infested with ladybugs this weekend. It was kind of funny to see the little things scurrying around on the sand...we tried getting them to safety, but the little buggers kept crawling back to the water. Oh least we tried. beautiful little beach bum. 
Roo - splashing around and having a blast; AK - impersonating a sand worm (yes...very entertaining)
Playing in the sand with friend Kaelin
Chilling out after a fun-filled day of running, splashing, digging, playing at the beach.

The above pics are from our beach day on Friday. We went to the beach again on Saturday when Doug didn't have to work and also got to hang out with some of our Oceanside friends who were in town for the day for a wedding. The girls LOVED spending so much time at the beach, especially with so many friends. I was in the water with the girls for most of the day Saturday, so unfortunately I didn't get any pics there...but here is one from our Saturday breakfast excursion to The Sugar Shack (it was delicious).
And a snapshot of my Mother's Day cards from Doug and the girls (made during primary with the help of the sister missionaries...whom the girls A.DoRE!!)

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  1. becky! thank you so much for letting us stay with you guys. jack keeps asking me for his girls or the kids, haha...i'm having withdrawals from not seeing those 2 girls too. it was so much fun to get to hang out with you and talk, an FINALLY get to know you and doug better. anyways thanks again!