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Friday, May 14, 2010

Potty Jingles

"Sing a so-ong, you must sing, you must sing, you must sing. Sing a so-ong you must sing...on...the....potty?!"

Overheard the following jingle a few minutes ago as Reilly sat on the potty..."the poop is from my waff-les...the pee is from the wa-ah-ter...." followed by some humming in a catchy tune. Then, as she walked out of the bathroom after washing her hands she mumbled under her breath "Wow, that was a serious dis-AS-ter."

I have NO idea where my girls come up with this stuff, but at least they're entertaining...and using the potty...which is always a good thing.

Have a happy Friday...I hope it's filled with laughter.


  1. hahahahahaha! That is so funny!!!

  2. singing on the potty must be something that runs in our family because Kemry keeps making up little "Potty training" ditties as well, although I am never fast enough to write them down and share them, so thank you for sharing yours (from the girls that is :o)!!