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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday and a HALF...

Well, it's official...the girls are now 4 and a HALF years old. They were very excited to find out about their half birthday...they kept telling anyone and everyone within earshot that it was their "birthday and a half." I didn't have a cake mix at home so I was going to take the easy way out and buy a pre-made cake at the store. BUT then tantrums errupted (the girls, not mine) and I made the girls walk back to the bakery and put the cake back on the shelf...Roo then proceeded to tell everyone around that I took their birthday away...she got many sympathetic glances as she walked out of the store in tears....and I ended up feeling like a horrible mother.

If tomorrow is better (i.e. NO tantrums) then I promised the girls we would make cookies together. We also have a big bag of pinecones, some peanut butter, and birdseed waiting to be turned into some delicious bird feeders, so that's another possibility. Homework has been put to the back burner (no surprise there) as I'm really trying to put my attention and focus on the girls right now. Doug's work schedule is pretty hectic this week and they have definitely noticed his absence. We spent a lot of time in the yard today, transplanting some flower beds, but never made it to the park like the girls had hoped....perhaps we'll spend some time at a park tomorrow....with our freshly made cookies...and the remaining seed from our bird feeders.

Looks like it's going to be a full day...suppose I should get off the computer and get to bed now....

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