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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project To-Do List....

There are so many wonderful and creative sources of inspiration out there...I constantly see things and think "isn't that fabulous?!" or "wouldn't it be great if I could do that?!"  Well, I've been stock-piling some project ideas and want to share some of the things on my To-Do list for the near well as a few photos of inspiration.
TO DO: The Girls Room
*Color scheme - dark pink/light pink/dark navy blue/spring green; flowers & polka dots*
Idea derived from a dress we found at Target (above) and some $1.00/yd clearance fabric

     -Butterfly Mobile
     -Silhouette Wall Art
     -Headboard/footboard Slipcovers
     -Head of bed Bulletin Boards

Inspiration - Butterfly Mobile
I already have one of these in the works...I wasn't able to locate the felt pompoms used above, so I improvised with some buttons from my scrap stash and some felt scraps I got from my mom...I hope to post photos of the finished project soon!

TO DO: The Playroom
     -Paint the bookcases, chalkboard table, and chairs
     -Paint the play kitchen
     -Creative cover for non-functioning wall heater
     -Chore Chart/FHE Chart
     -Curtains/shades, rug
     -Rain Gutter Bookshelves
My shelves wouldn't extend quite this long, but I love the idea of displaying the books like this...I already have alphabet letters in the playroom, but may change how they are displayed if I can figure something out with these rain gutters.

TO DO: The Front Room
     -French Door Frame Wall Art
     -New Temple Pic

Inspiration - Window Pane Photo
I love this, but would like to find a french door pane that I could use lengthwise. I would also like to put full photos in the pane, rather than smaller ones on the wire.

So many thoughts, too many decisions to make...which is where you all come in handy!! Now that I've put my ideas out there, I would love any suggestions, ideas, input, or tips you may have to share!!


  1. Hey, I have a die cutter so if you ever want felt butterflies, flowers, cirlces, stars whatever, I have dies so I can cut them and mail them to you. Just in case you want to save some time. And the rain gutter shelves are awesome. Everyone up here has been doing them and Ryan wants to put them in the toy room and change them weekly - or monthly cause let's behonest, I won't do it weekly :). But I've seen them installed and they are easy. A friend did something similar but with a shelf from ikea - same idea but the shelf is more clean & simple and no cutting required, already painted white, and she said it was cheaper. I'll find out the name of it was. But I love all your projects. So fun! Maybe I'll post my to-do list of all my 1/2 done projects. It might help me actually finish them.

  2. Love your household project ideas! The rain gutter book shelves are fabulous. The french door would be more elegant with the photos inserted in the glass panes. The look of clipping pics to the wire is cute but more country. Good luck! Your energy must abound! Kids are adorable. And, the idea of the template blog train was awesome! Hope you all do it again in the future!!

  3. Cynth - I think I may have an idea which IKEA shelves she used....and I may end up using those instead. I love the idea and look of the rain gutters, but the shelves are a more realistic option for me. Besides - I need to head over there to get some of those freezer pop molds so I can try out your yummy recipes.....mmmmm, can't wait!!