Monday, May 3, 2010

So Lucky... live so close to the beach. Seriously. I feel so grateful that we get the opportunity to live where we live right now. The girls and I are in absolute heaven, because we get to spend our days looking for starfish and sea crabs, building sand castles, and frolicking in the waves. Fabulous.

My 2 Little Sea Monkeys
Some starfish we found...these were some of the biggest I have seen, and never this many on a simple jetty! Totally, totally cool!!
Two little rock crabs...the girls loved seeing these and kept trying to catch them. When that didn't work, they settled for walking across the rocks sideways like the crabs. Hilarious to watch.
Roo said "Look mom! Spaghetti for the crabs!!" which Aiden replied "DIS-gusting!"
The coloring is off (camera battery was dying) but I love the action shot...
Another action shot...kind of a quirky angle
Random shot, but I kinda like it... cute little sand digger
Aiden...eating some snacks and looking cute as can be!

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  1. so jealous. I wish we lived close to the beach. Guess I'll have to settle for weekends at Bear Lake, but it doesn't compare at all to the crashes waves, star fish, and salty air. These are super cute pics of the girls.