Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just some of the things the girls say and do that make me smile...most of the time...

Hole-cano = Volcano
Ogre-alls = Overalls
Chicke-wa-whas = Chihuahuas
Adocavos = avocados, Roo's new found favorite fruit...or vegetable....or whatever it is
Stinky, stinky, poo-poo bum = the name for any and ALL villians in their bedtime stories from Doug (thanks much!!)
Papa, Mama, Sister, and Sweetie = Large, Medium, Small, and Tiny, and Old vs. Young
"Will you skuggle me?" = skuggle is our word for snuggle, and the answer to this question is almost always an emphatic "YES!"
"Should I...?" = Rather than "may I" or "can I" or "will you" Roo always uses the phrase "Should I" or "should you" in the sweetest voice
"I saw you last night..." = everything is referred to as last night, regardless of whether it occurred a day ago, a week ago, or many months prior.
"Yes SIR!" = complete with head salute and stomping for emphasis...sir is used whether the girls are saying this to me or Doug.
"Are you KIDDING me?!" = mainly said by Aiden; yes she picked it up from me
"EwwWW...gross...that's disGUSting!!" = said for a variety of reason, but it's hilarious how they emphasize certain parts of the phrase.
"Mom - I'm not going to be your mom!!" = also said by Aiden when she's really, really upset with me
"Dad - there's a BEAR in your stomach!!" = said by Aiden when she heard Doug's stomach grumbling one day

Anytime we are out in public and someone so much as looks or smiles at Roo, she takes that as an invitation to talk...and talk she does!! Her conversation usually goes something like this: "Hi, my name is Reilly. That starts with an R. And this is my sister Aiden. Her name starts with an A. That's my momma Becky and my papa's name is Doug, but he's not here right now. Do you have a papa? What's his name? We just moved here from Arizona....and yeah, I really miss my cousin Lexie. Connor is my silly cousin. And Uncle Ben and Uncle Dan are silly too. I have two gran'mas and two gran'pas. What's your granpa's name? I don't have any dogs...but there's Kupua and Bootsie and Hugo. Silly Hugo. I rea-ry like your necklace. That's beautiful! Where did you get that from? Oh, my skirt...yeah. It's my favorite. My momma got it from Target. Did you get that from Target?......"   I kid you not, that child is like the Energizer Bunny...she'll keep chatting and chatting until the poor, unsuspecting person is forced to make a hasty retreat. We've had quite a few talks about how she needs to be careful about what she says to people and not give too much information and be careful not to talk to strangers if Doug or I aren't there...but I'm not sure how much good these conversations have done since she still continues to divulge everything and anything that comes to her mind.

There are so many things they say and do each day that make me smile...and I'm really trying to make an effort to find joy in the little things rather than dwell on the not-so-great bigger things (like the tantrums and fighting and attitude). As I think of more, I'll come back and add them to the post...

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