Saturday, December 10, 2011

Breakfast with Santa...

The girls and I visited my parents last night. We slept over and then joined in their ward's Breakfast with Santa. The food was delicious (oven-baked french toast, sweet rolls, cinnamon rolls, egg/bacon/cheese casserole, orange slices, and bananas)...I didn't get any photos of the food because it literally disappeared in the blink of an eye, but it was super-duper tasty.

After everyone finished eating, we split into 3 groups and went to different Christmas activities. The girls made star ornaments at one station (glitter and glue?! TOTAL score!), played Christmas Bingo at another (I think more M&M pieces ended up in their mouths than on their score cards), and then read the candy cane story and sang Christmas songs at the third station (Reilly was super excited about the candy cane).

Once the stations were finished, all the kids lined up and waited for a turn to sit on Santa's lap. Aiden and Reilly were very skeptical about whether or not they were going to meet the REAL Santa. After debating the matter, they decided the guy who visited was not St. Nick, but rather one of the Big Guy's helpers.

Roo: Mom - his beard wasn't real. I could see his real whiskars underneath and they were dark. Santa's are white.
Aiden: I think it's too close to Christmas anyway. He'd be crazy to leave the elves right now...he's just too busy.

I didn't even think to have Mac sit on Santa's lap, although in hindsight I suppose I should have at least tried for the photo op. Oh least she looked cute and festive in her Christmas long-johns!

All-in-all, a really great way to spend our Saturday morning!

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