Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve happenings were kept pretty simple this year...after a long day of playing and finishing up our Christmas shopping, we came home, wrapped presents, then opened our traditional night-before-Christmas-gift of jammies.
Our house seems to be colder this year, so the girls received very warm (and soft and fuzzy) PJ pants. Doug received some of his favorite socks to keep his toes nice and warm, and the girls picked out some cute red and white striped pants for me...Roo said they looked very elf-ish. Mac wore some very festive long johns that fit perfectly for the holiday...they are actually hand-me downs from the twins who received them as a gift from their Aunt Shauna. They were too big to fit the twins for their first Christmas but they fit Mac perfectly!!

It actually turned out to be an early night for all of us...Aiden and Reilly went down without much of a fuss (they knew Santa still had a chance to change his mind and skip our house...Oh, the power of bribery) and Mac and I crashed on the couch while Doug watched a little pre-bed TV.

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