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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spreading Some Holiday Cheer...

...thanks to the festive (and sparkly) trees and wreaths at Target. Nope...never a dull moment with these two girls around. Thanks for the laughs, Aiden and have no idea how much happiness and joy you create.
"Look mom, look! We're Christmas wreaths...aren't we funny?" 

{cue the giggles and silly faces}
"Now I have a tree on my head, look!"

"Wait, need two and then you'll be a super tall tree"

{Lots and lots of giggles}
"Hey, you know what's pretty cool? This would be a funny hat. Don't we need silly hats for something mom? I think we should get these and then we can be tall, silly heads whenever we want." 
"We are ALREADY silly heads, Reilly...."
{More giggles and silly faces}
"Wait, mom...wait!! Mac needs one too...take a pictue of Mac!"

{MacKenzie, unfortunately, could have cared less about the photo and only wanted to eat the sparkly pieces of foil...that's okay, doing this got more giggles and silliness out of her two older sisters}

We hope your day was filled with lots of happiness and cheer!!


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