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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Hawaiian Christmas...

Program, that is. The theme for the Kindergarten Holiday Program this year was A Hawaiian Christmas. The girls finally had an excuse to wear their cute hibiscus print skirts that Grandma L. made months ago but were a little too big and now finally fit. Of course, I made them wear leggings and sweaters since it's been pretty cold and breezy around here. I also made some festive hibiscus-looking hair clips from a white lei I found for less than a buck. Not too shabby, eh? (Reilly wasn't happy that I tried getting photos before we got to school that morning. She smiled for one...and one photo ONLY...all the other photos that morning resulted in a Roo scowl).

Grandma and Grandpa H were in town for the program, and the girls LOVED having special visitors in the audience. The auditorium was jam-packed...we are talking standing room only...since the lower grades all performed in the morning. Luckily, the kindergarteners were last to go, so we were able to move up in our seats as the other parents left. I was still a little too far back to get clear photos, so I tried taking videos instead....not the greatest quality, but here is what I ended up with! Seeing their position before may help you spot them a little better in the videos, so here is a closer look at where Aiden and Reilly were..
SONG: Must Be Santa
SONG: Merry Hula
SONG: Mele Kalikimaka

Personally, I think Aiden and Reilly were adorable...and it was fun to see them perform with their friends and classmates. They practiced these songs for weeks beforehand and talked non-stop about their music class with Mr. S., so it was rewarding to see all their hard work pay off! I remember how much I loved performing in grade school and I am greatly looking forward to watching the girls for many years to come.

The girls were a little more cooperative with me on our walk home from school, so here are a few more shots of my cute little Christmas haoles...
Merry Christmas everyone!

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