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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Craftiness...

One of these years, I WILL have time to complete all the little crafts I have been drooling over. Until then, I will just have to settle for sharing some of the Christmas craft ideas I have secretly (or not) been coveting this holiday season. If I happened to remember to save the web page when I saved the pic, I'll make sure to link you up so you can see the full details on the craft. Enjoy!!

Advent Calendars
(love. Love. LOVE many varieties yet they are ALL so cute!)

Christmas Card Holder Tree 

Ruffle fabric/ribbob/lace Trees 

Handmade stockings
(these are two of my the colors, love the polka dots) 

Frosty the Pumpkin
(Every year, I feel a twinge of guilt when I have to chuck perfectly good pumpkins into the trash come December. This clever idea will be put to use next year so I can start the holiday season off guilt free!!)

Festive Burlap Pillows

Christmas Wall Art & Decor


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