Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Congrats to the Newlyweds...

It's hard to believe my baby sister got married today. Crazy. I still remember the day she was born (partly because I ended up in the Urgent Care that same afternoon, but that's besides the point)...she was so tiny and perfect and I loved her before I ever saw her. That sisterly love has only grown stronger as I have watched Emily grow and blossom into a beautiful, strong, independent, capable, intelligent, graceful, and loving young woman. I am so happy that she has found someone to love and be with forever and ever. And I'm also so happy to gain another wonderful brother-in-law. Congratulations Emily and Janweb. We are all so, SO happy for the two of you!!

(For whatever reason, I only managed to snap a few photos the ENTIRE day...horrible of me, I know. Luckily, many others took pictures so I can share them with you now...)
(This one makes me laugh because it looks like I'm knocking Doug out)

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