Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

To say that our Christmas morning passed by in a flash would be a serious understatement. I honestly don't know what time the girls woke up (it was sometime after 5am since that is when I was last up with Mac), but they snuck out of their room super duper quietly and didn't wake me or Doug up. I awoke in a panic at 7:45 realizing I had not heard my alarm (a.k.a. Aiden and Reilly), knowing we had to be at church at 9 and that we had promised the girls they could open their presents in the morning before we had to leave. Surprisingly, the presents got unwrapped, cleaned up, breakfast was eaten (thank you Doug for picking up Cinnabon the day before), and all 5 of us made it to church on time (well...close enough!!)
So, now that you know the circumstances of our morning, please excuse the very blurry photos below...I could have deleted them, but figured I would keep them and post them so we could share the fun and excitement of our rushed morning with you. Enjoy!!
Amazingly, MacKenzie slept through the excitement of her first Christmas morning...looking cute and sweet and perfect as ever. Once she finally did wake up, she was as happy as could be!
 After we got home from church, the girls couldn't wait to put on their new threads. I know I'm totally biased on this, but we really do have some pretty cute kids. Check out our little fashionistas...and please excuse Reilly's VERY full bubble-gum-mouth.
From the pictures above, you couldn't even tell that Aiden threw up within minutes of us getting home from church. She still wanted to put on her new clothes, but shortly after she obliged Doug's request to get some pics, she asked if she could put herself to bed. She fell asleep within minutes, slept for a couple of hours, then felt good as new. I debated whether or not we should go up to my parents' house as originally planned, but since it was mainly just water that A threw up and she didn't have an accompanying fever or any other symptoms, we decided to make the drive to Upland and spend Christmas with family. The drive was DEFINITELY worth it. In addition to joining my parents, we also got to join two of my sisters and my brother and his sweet wife who were visiting from Utah. We ate ham, cheesy potatoes, whipped jello, celery w/cheese spread, homemade rolls, apple pie, 7-layer dip...all Leach fam Christmas classics and all very, VERY delicious.

Good company, great food, family fun, some new toys and clothes...all-in-all, I have to say it was a really great Christmas for our little family! We hope your Christmas was just as happy!!

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