Sunday, December 4, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

We made our annual trek to Home Depot to pick out our Christmas Tree yesterday. I know, I know...the local hardware store doesn't have quite the same nostalgia as going to a traditional tree farm, but it's become a tradition for us and it just seems to fit our little family. It was pretty busy being a Saturday morning and all, but we had a good time.
For Aiden it was LOVE at first sight...she saw it, she wanted it, and she wasn't going to budge. I wasn't quite looked pretty new, kinda green (no pun intended) like it was cut too early, and I really wanted the pine fragrance to last. Doug was happy that Aiden picked out a Douglas Fir (cheesy, yes...but kinda cute), but Reilly really, REALLY wanted a tree that was close to her height so it would be easier to decorate.

Here is Roo with her tree of choice (note the Noble Fir...a girl after my own heart)

And here is the tree that made it home with it appears after its first round of decorating. I say first round because the girls love to continually move things around, add ribbons and bows and candy canes and whatever else may strike their fancy as the holiday progresses. They informed me it's not very sparkly, so we'll have to figure out a way to add some festive bling to the tree. I should mention that Aiden and Reilly were very excited about having a star on top of our tree this year. In year's past, we have made bows or had nothing at all, but they were adamant that we had to have a star or an angel because "that's just what people put on their trees, mom." We lucked out and found a sparkly silver star in the bargain bin at Target and the girls could not have been happier.


And, since decorating is the best part, here are some pics from our FHE of decorative fun...complete with Doug's mandated once-yearly viewing of the Christmas Story!!
Thanks for joining in our Chistmas tree fun!!

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