Thursday, May 15, 2008

400 Free Prints & 1 Free 8x8 Custom Cover Photo Book

**Okay, so I don't normally solicit my friends and family for Internet specials or offers, but I got this from a friend and I figured it was worth posting. I know the response has been overwhelming, and once the company reaches a certain number of print requests, they are going to cancel the, if you decide you want to sign up, you'll probably want to do it pretty quickly.**

There is a new online digital photo company called that is currently offering 400 Free Prints and 1 Free 8x8 Custom Cover Photo Book for new registrants to their website, just click Here to get started. Yes, that is correct.....FREE photo prints. All you have to do is click HERE to sign up and you will automatically receive 400 Free Prints. You can then earn additional print credits by selecting Promote Links to receive a custom link, which you would then post on your blog or facebook/myspace page or forward by email. For each person who joins artscow from your unique link and makes a purchase, you will receive 200 free credit points.
This is how it works....
It's a pretty decent website. I uploaded a bunch of my pictures yesterday, and even though the upload time seemed a little slower than other websites I've used in the past, I figure you really can't beat getting free prints. SO, for all those who enjoy getting free stuff just for signing up, go ahead and click HERE to begin enjoying this offer for 400 Free Prints and 1 Free 8x8 Custom Cover Photo Book.

Thanks! and Happy Printing!!

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  1. Becki - so funny that you just found me ... I found you on Monday with Bo and we were bummed that you had no pics of yourself! How is Casey? I will add your family to my blog. I am so glad that I get to keep up with you now! Does Casey have one too? We got to get her to do it!