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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mischievous Duo

One of the most challenging things about having 2 1/2 year old twins is the amount of mischief they can manage to get into in a very short period of time. AK & Roo have always been energetic little gals, but lately it seems like they move at only two speeds - super-duper fast and non-stop. And, like any normal toddler their age, they are curious about anything and everything and must explore by touching, tasting, and feeling. The phrase "look but don't touch" simply does not register in their brains.
SO, just in case you're wondering how much trouble two pint-size gals can get into, here are some pictures from two Sundays ago. Doug was working at the dealership, and I made the mistake of dozing off on the couch while I thought they were napping - this all happened in less than twenty minutes. I had thought that my collection of acrylic paints was totally out of their reach; turns out these two gals are seriously good climbers. While the pictures are just of the floor, the gooey acrylic mess was also on the walls and led from the Master Bedroom into the hallway. The girls dresses are ruined, and the carpet is still tinged blue. The spatter on the floor covers about 3/4 the length of the mattress...just so you can get an idea of how quickly paint spreads between two mischievous girls.

The weapon - an 8oz. bottle of BRIGHT turquoise paint

The main point of impact - Doug's side of the bed

Fallout Point #1

Fallout Point #2

To their credit, the girls did try to clean up after themselves. They used an entire pack of wet wipes, but couldn't make a dent in the monstrous blue mess that was already made.

AK's mug shot (a total look of "What's the big deal mom? I don't know what you're getting so upset's just a little paint.")
Roo's mug shot (I love the look of complete "Uh-oh!" in this picture. Can you imagine how hard it was for me to stay mad at such sweet looking girls?)


  1. Ok - I am laughing so hard. Those girls are the cutest mischief makers I've ever seen. I love their mugshots. I could eat them up! I hope Berlin's hair starts growing cause their hair is so pretty too! If you need an awesome paint remover for the carpet, "Kiss-off" works great. We've use it on ours and you'd never know red paint had been spilled :) It comes in stick format too so it's easy to apply.

    And congrats on being able to be a full-time mom. That is awesome. Kudos to Doug too for helping make it happen. He's a good man.

  2. oh my gosh i cant believe that is so darn funny. I'm trying to laugh butmy sore stomach wont let me. funny stuff those 2. that's exciting you get to be home now. yippee

  3. Oh I love those girls. Roo's picture is totally the best ever. I'm cracking up right now as I type this. Seriously, I'm sure you are now more excited than ever that you can spend more time with them and with Doug. I didn't know he was working at the dealership again. Hopefully it won't be too crazy on all of you.

    We love you! :)

  4. Soooo funny - and even though I have to chime in on the cuteness of Roo's mug shot, my favorite is AK cause her look is all "What's the big deal? I didn't do anything. . . I'm so innocent." Too bad there was so much hard evidence against them. We love you guys!

  5. Holy Cow!! You are such a patient mom!! By the way, I have that same picture of us in front of the ape at Hogle Zoo in my scrapbook...back in the good ole days!! That's actually why I made the boys pose there in the first place--a little blast from the past!