Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blazing Temps and Now This...

Yup...the scorpions have struck again. Okay, well not literally struck (thankfully), but they are back. Apparently, scorpions do not like being outside in the triple digit temperatures any more than we humans do. I went into the downstairs bathroom this morning to brush my teeth after breakfast, and while I was at the sink AK came in behind me and says "Look mama, what is it?" Normally, she doesn't ask what things are, she tells (it's part of the whole "two years old" phase, I suppose) so her comment immediately caught my attention. I turned around to look where she was, and her tiny little finger was literally seconds away from getting stung by the biggest scorpion we have had at this house yet.

I panicked - yup - I actually screeched (which is something I rarely do). I grabbed AK real quick, shooed Roo out of the hallway, and grabbed the nearest shoe I could find (my trusty ol' flip-flop). Needless to say, that nasty little bugger didn't stand a chance against me or my flip-flop. Still, I am so irritated that a scorpion was in the house. We only have another month and half left here - couldn't it have waited until after we had moved out? I was seriously just starting to get comfortable again, not thinking we'd see any more, and then this nasty thing shows up. Needless to say, the girls beds have been moved away from the walls, the floors have thoroughly been swept and mopped, and we will now be wearing shoes at all times in the house. Nasty little things...they cause so much grief!

I am just grateful that neither AK or Roo were stung by the creepy critter. A trip to the ER would not have been a fun thing today.


  1. Scary! I could not live in AZ for this reason alone. Ryan's sis (Teresa) had similar problems in Tucson when they were they. They would get in throught the pipes and up the bathroom and sink drains. She ended up getting removable plugs for all the sinks/tubs the first time she saw one crawl out. Good luck with the coming months!

  2. yuck! i hope they go away till you leave. Where are you moving to? We hadn't heard that. enjoy the cooler weather. love ya

  3. We haven't decided where we are moving to yet...we'd like to stay in our ward, but Doug is also exploring other opportunities with work. We are trying to keep an open mind about things...we'll let everyone know when we've made a decision!