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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Five Tag

I read this on another blog and thought it was kind of fun...hope you enjoy reading about the Fives (or multiples thereof) of my life!

10 years ago:
May 1998 - Let’s see, I was a junior at Upland High School and would have been preparing to go to prom with Ricky Lim - I was excited to go to the dance, but neither my date nor I were excited about going together. He wanted to go with someone else but was turned down, and the boy who I had a crush on at the time did not even know I existed. Oh well. My friend Casey let us tag along with her and her date, so after dinner at Burger King in Newport Beach, we went to the dance where I got ditched by my date...afterward, the three of us ended up having a totally awesome time. Also, I think I had just taken my AP Psychology exam (yuck) and I would have also been in the middle of Song (cheer) try-outs for my Senior Year…lots of hard work, but lots of fun.

5 years ago:
May 2003 - Doug was back from Utah and working in Costa Mesa as a Security System Salesman. I was living in the double-wide in Oceanside with Casey, working at Chick’s Sporting Goods and Southern California Beach Club. Doug and I were still just hanging out (we did not “officially” start dating until July 2003). My sister Cynthia was a month away from getting married, and I was finishing up with my Medical Assisting coursework at Palomar College.

5 months ago:
December 2007 - We had been in Arizona for 6 months and I was working evenings at Target. Doug was putting in long hours at UOP (which is still happening, but that’s besides the point). I started working as a PT Night Auditor for a hotel towards the end of December. All four of us had our birthdays the previous month - Doug’s on the 5th (27 years-old), mine on the 8th (26 years-old), and AK and Roo’s on the 25th (2 years-old) - so we were trying to think of fun, and affordable, things we could do for Christmas. We ended up staying in Arizona for the holidays, although we really would have liked to have been on the beaches of Oceanside.

5 Hours ago:
Doug and the girls and I went out for dinner (neither of us had to work tonight). Doug, Roo, and I ordered pizza (half cheese, half pepperoni) and a green salad, AK ate rice and chow mien from the Panda Express next door to the pizza parlor. We then went and looked at some mini vans at the dealership where Doug works part-time, then finished off the night with ice cream cones from Chick-fill-a. All-in-all, a very fun (and delicious) night!

5 things on my to-do list:
1. Homework
2. Empty the dishwasher
3. Pay bills
4. Go to Lowes and/or Home Depot to try and find the paint remover Cynthia recommended
5. Go through the stuff in the garage and sort things out for packing and [hopefully] a garage sale

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Brownies
2. Ritz Baked Sour Cream and Onion Chips
3. Fresh-picked California Oranges
4. Yogurt (peach and vanilla are my favorites)
5. Big Stick Popsicles

5 things I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire:
1. Pay off all of our debt (credit cards, student loans, and cars)
2. Buy a home…in Oceanside…on the beach
3. Buy homes for all of our siblings…wherever they wanted…no strings attached
4. Travel, travel, travel
5. I would feel guilty if I did not donate to at least one or two charities

5 of my BAD habits:
1. Picking at zits (yes, I will admit to doing this - and I get a lecture from Doug every time)
2. Letting the dishes pile up in the sink before I get them loaded into the dishwasher
3. Not folding the clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer - they usually sit on the over-sized chair in the family room for a few days before I get around to folding them.
4. Letting this blog distract me from doing the homework I should be working on right now.
5. Drinking milk or juice straight out of the carton.

5 places I have lived:
1. Upland, CA
2. Oceanside, CA
3. Salt Lake City, UT
4. Islamorada, FL (it’s in the Florida Keys)
5. Chandler/Gilbert, AZ

5 jobs I have had:
1. Ice-cream scooper at Baskin-Robbins
2. Receptionist and Cashier at a motorcycle shop (Mountain Motor Sports)
3. Cafeteria dishwasher at BYU
4. Cashier/Keyperson/and Department Manager at Chick’s Sporting Goods
5. Being a MOM (this is by far the best, but most challenging, job of all)

5 things most people don't know about me:
1. I slept with “Pinky,” my pink teddy bear (it was a Christmas gift from my grandpa when I was a child), every night up until Doug and I were engaged
2. I usually only shave my legs once a week because I have really sensitive skin that breaks out in really bad (and painful) rashes
3. I have never had a sip of alcohol, never tried a cigarette, and have never taken illegal drugs
4. I can only sleep if I am wrapped up in a blanket - even if it’s 110 degrees at night
5. I have patches of skin across my chest and under my arm that are completely white because there is no pigmentation in those areas

**I am now supposed to "tag" five people to complete this same questionnaire on their individual blogs, but I figure since everyone is so busy with all the happenings in their lives, I would leave it open to anyone who has time to complete it**


  1. fun. tag...i'll try it. Now MINIVans??? what you said you would never drive one. I want the scoops.

  2. Just to clarify...I never said I would not drive a mini van. Yes, I have always had an SUV, and I still prefer SUV's...but since our family will be growing (eventually - nothing in the foreseen future), a minivan would be the most logical and economical next step. Doug is still not totally sold on the minivan, but since it would be my car for carting around the kiddos, the choice is mainly up to me!! :0)

  3. good for you. We always said that we would only have the SUV,but the logic like you said is true. Just buy foreign if you do. We learned the hard way. I guess it was Doug that's not a fan. I wasn't either, and look at us now. Much better for all my kiddos in tow. Good luck car ya.

  4. So funny. I still drink from the milk and juice cartons too. And I still sleep with a blanket (not the original boo-banky, but one of the many that replaced it)! It's a strange comfort thing and I just can't break. I'm with you on Mini-vans. Not preferred vehicle of choice, but the amount of space and stuff for kids just makes sense. Though we probably won't ever get one. But they are nice for their purpose - toting kids around.