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Monday, May 19, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

So, we are only in May and already we have seen blasted triple digit temperatures. I am not a fan. Take a look at our lovely 7-day forecast as reported by Channel 12 News (

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
109/78 103/77 89/73 86/66 90/66 92/68

Yup - the National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Advisory for Monday and Tuesday. Seriously - in May? You have GOT to be kidding me. I am already depressed for what this summer is going to bring...maybe it's time for us to move again...preferably far, far away from the scorching hot temperatures?


  1. I'm glad you feel the same way we do.The summers just are no fun here, and we can guess it's already that time the kids are stuck in the house for 5 months..yippee

  2. That is how I felt all winter! Get me away from the cold! I am so welcoming scorching heat. haha! It sucks if your kids want to play outside though. I'm sorry!

  3. you could always move to utah...

  4. I second V's idea of moving to Utah
    1st good reason - Cooler Temps
    2nd Good Reason - No Scorpins (sp?)
    3rd good reason - Cousins for the girls.
    4th Good Reason - Sisters for Sanity and entertainment reasons
    5th Good Reason - Partially finished Basement that could be finished if you wanted to live here while looking for a place!
    (I can keep going if you need any more convincing! :o)
    Love you!

  5. Unfortunately, I am not the one who needs convincing to move to Utah...I could do it in a heart beat. Doug's the one you need to work on, but good luck trying to convince your brother-in-law.