Monday, November 24, 2008

Object(s) of my Gratitude #5 - A Compilation

Rather than completing a separate post for each of the following things, I have decided to compile a list of the many random things for which I am grateful:

- Mexican Food
- Dr. Pepper
- Otter Pops
- Fun music that you can shake your bootie to
- Sugar Cookie scented candles
- Target, Walmart, Old Navy and Kohls
- Clearance items at Target, Walmart, Old Navy and Kohls
- The ocean/beach (whether I'm looking at it, walking along it, swimming in it, diving in it, long as the ocean is involved, I'm happy)
- A good run
- An afternoon nap
- A full night's sleep (obviously, this is not happening tonight....oh well)
- An "A" grade
- Kisses from the girls
- An empty kitchen sink
- A clean car
- Open windows, a cool breeze, and lots of natural sunlight in our apartment
- The opportunity to be creative and express myself - through painting, scrapbooking, or card-making
- Snuggling under a blanket, near a fireplace, with a good book
- A hand-written note
- A smile and hello from a random stranger walking by
- The smell of rain

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