Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pure Random-ness

Okay - so I have a confession to make. When I was a kid, I used to tell people I was allergic to certain foods if I didn't want to eat them....almonds, raisins, squash....tootsie rolls. It was total bullarky, but I guess I felt it wouldn't be as offensive to tell them I couldn't eat something as opposed to fessing up I simply didn't want to eat the food. Well, I remember one time when we were visiting our cousins in Glendora - I think it may have been for New Year's or something because I remember it was really late and we were all staying up watching movies. Anyway, I was sitting on the floor by my Aunt Cathy and she offered me a chocolate tootsie roll...something I was not a fan of. So, I politely declined the candy and told her I was allergic to it. Judging by the look on my aunt's face, I know she did not believe for a minute that I was allergic...but she was kind enough not to push the issue and went back to watching the movie.

I only bring this up because earlier tonight I happened to go rifling through the remains of the girls' Halloween candy, and I pulled out a couple of tootsie rolls. I'm not sure what aversion I had to them as a kid, but after eating a few I have to admit the little chocolate buggers really aren't all that bad. The girls don't seem to care for the T.R.s (like mother, like daughters), so I guess I'll have plenty of chances to make up for all the years I missed out on tootsie roll goodness.

Sorry for lying all those years ago Aunt Cathy....I realize now, I should have taken you up on your offer for a chocolate tootsie roll.


  1. YucK! I am not a fan of tootsie rolls - just tootsie pops. You can have all ours too :)

  2. I am not a huge fan of them either. It is funny the things we remember from childhood! Gotta love it. I love that you lied about it